Bats in Bucks

Records held by the North Bucks Bat Group have mostly been collected by group members since 2002. There are some older records produced by volunteers in the 70s and 80s, and some records are over 100 years old, although many of these older records give insufficient information to be of use to us today.

One of the key objectives of the group has been to fill in gaps in our knowledge of bats in the county. This has resulted in the addition of many hundreds of new sightings and several new species not previously observed before in the county.

There are 17 species of bat known to breed in the United Kingdom. Their local status is shown in the listing below:

Common pipistrelle Widespread and common throughout the county
Soprano pipistrelle Widespread and common throughout the county
Nathusius' pipistrelle Nationally widespread but rare, only a handful of records in the south and east of the county. Further investigation required
Brown Long-Eared Widespread and common
Grey Long-Eared Restricted to South Coast of England
Bigger bats
Noctule Widespread and fairly common
Serotine Widespread and fairly common in the south of the county
Leisler's Nationally widespread but rare, scattered records in Bucks
Myotis species
Daubenton's Widespread and common over water
Natterer's Widespread and fairly common
Whiskered Widespread but fairly rare
Brandt's Nationally widespread but rare, slightly more common in Northern England, only one confirmed record in Bucks
Alcathoë First discovered in UK in 2009, national distribution not known
Bechstein's Nationally very rare, single record in Bucks but occasional records in neighbouring counties. A national survey using novel techniques is currently taking place to find out more about this elusive species
Barbastelle Nationally very rare, some clusters of records in Bucks
Greater Horseshoe Mainly confined to SW England and Wales, their range is starting to increase. Only one confirmed record in Bucks
Lesser Horseshoe Mainly confined to SW England and Wales, only one confirmed roost in Bucks
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